Lands Of Dying Hope
Released März 2018
Format mp3
Genre Rock


Lands of Dying Hope

From the lands where hope is dying

Where fire burns the night sky

Explosions and houses collapsing

Cover the children's cries

And the faces lost in despair

Seem not to touch me at all

Dreams are buried in the desert sand

Far away from my walls 


We see the fire but we don’t burn

We see the light but were not blinded

We hear the cries but ignore them

We see the pain but aren’t affected


In a land of dying hope

They wait for more humanity

And not for all these guns we build

But money feels no guilt 

Answering the war by terror

While we stay indifferent

As long as we are not touched by bombs

Is that how far it must come?


Let your empathy grow, don’t resignate, don’t close your eyes.    

Don’t judge before you know, don’t let the fear of the unknown arise

Fight against injustice and protest against those who lie

Act for a better world today and maybe hope will stop to die!


We see the fire and we will burn

We see the light, no longer blind

We hear the cries and can’t ignore them

We feel the pain and we’ll be affected

Lands Of Dying Hope